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August is definitely a very prolific month for action comedies, because if Brad Pitt knocks out killers in a bullet train in theaters, another kind of bullshit is coming to Netflix and it promises to be just as enjoyable.

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Vampires in Los Angeles Jamie Fox like a broken hunter bloodhound like a cowboy and Dave Franco like a scared loser, on paper, Day Shift could attract any self-respecting fan of Nanar delirium.

After the Gray Man bombing last month streaming platform does it still produce perfectly calibrated entertainment for Friday’s crazy canapé night? Here Opinion , guaranteed no spoilers.

Movie synopsis

To make a living, Bad Jablonski hunts vampires and sells their teeth. But a good catch is rare, and he has only a week left to return a large amount of money, otherwise he risks seeing his daughter leave with her mother far from Los Angeles.

Joining the Syndicate, the only one able to pay for the catch at its fair value, he must fight a partner, a bureaucrat who has never set foot on the battlefield. The week will be long.

Day Shift, Blade version Would you like?

The era of Okja, Roma or another Irishman seems to be definitely a thing of the past on the streaming service. henceforth, Netflix production works through a collection of keywords in order to certainly make oil out of it and, most importantly, to bring money for oil. Thus, Day Shift is a set of terms that can attract the largest audience: vampire, humor, action, violence, buddy movie, big stars.

Once all these words have been placed in the blender, there is no need to worry too much about the script. What’s more, several of the film’s original ideas, such as incorporating vampire hunting into the capitalist system, would be quickly swept away to make more room for comedy duo Jamie Foxx/Dave Franco.

And if the first to sign his third collaboration with Netflix after the superhero film Project Force and the sitcom Arrest Dad, I’m Shame on Him! plays his music with the efficiency we know him to be, his young partner gets tired quickly.

In short, as you already understood, Day Shift is not looking for no novelty, no bringing stone to vampiric lore. However, this is not a reason to completely ignore it.

Just because we should applaud the honesty of a feature film. He’s not going to call in us have a good time and he shows it from the first minutes when our hunter faces the old acrobat vampire in what looks more like a wrestling match than a death match. It’s funny but we’re in the game.

And if Day Shift is paid for with many minutes of thought, when it is necessary to keep our characters busy between two hunts, then it can count on JJ Perry of which this is the first achievement, to return the part to the machine as soon as the breaking of monsters resumes its rights.

Indeed, this former stunt coordinator on big licenses like Fast & Furious, like his colleagues, this feeling of graphic nonsense. So when in addition, during a too short appearance, he brings in our favorite extra-killer Scott Adkins in the nest of vampires, the whole movie is wrapped in regressive and enjoyable bloody ballet.

Because he doesn’t represent no ambitions too big for him and with great pleasure entertains us, Day Shift proposed small B-series object whom we see all the shortcomings without having too much desire to hit him on this occasion. Stockholm Syndrome maybe.

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Will we have a continuation of Day Shift?

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There hasn’t been any announcements on this yet, but it’s still a possibility regarding a possible Day Shift 2. The universe may still offer some holidays with enough material if they’re well used this time (under fear of a twist).

As for the characters, there would be a certain amount of fun to find them too, even if it wouldn’t be funny to focus on other protagonists, in particular the Nazarene brothers, if we want to make a second part of 100% action (with Scott Adkins in it). The ball is on the side of Netflix and, above all, on the side of subscribers who will be tempted or not.

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