Days Gone Special Edition on PS4 at -73%

Score: 15/20

Displaying obvious qualities and generous content, Days Gone is unfortunately overtaken by big technical oddities and a muddled, unsubtle narration and highlighting cartoonish characters. Nevertheless, thanks to its very pleasant gameplay, a huge array of weapons and a nice infiltration / action aspect, the game from Bend Studio passes its passing exam. Also displaying a feeling of constant stress, thanks to its hordes of mutants, coupled with a well transcribed survival aspect, Days Gone provides good sensations despite an extremely classic construction. Unable to compete with previous Sony AAAs (Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man), the fact remains that Bend can be proud of this first step into the open world world. Showing errors of youth, their title nevertheless remains solid and will undoubtedly serve as a basis for a future production. At least that’s all we want them to.

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