DBT intends to develop services around charging stations

A supplier of charging stations for electric vehicles is preparing to bet on tech startup Delmonicos. DBT is taking another step towards developing a service catalog that should account for 50% of turnover in 2022.

DBT launches its extensive diversification plan. The developer and supplier of charging stations for electric vehicles has just announced its entry into the capital, Delmonikos. It is a young company created as part of a startup from the international studio Lumenia (France and Luxembourg), whose research is focused on an intelligent software solution that can be integrated into charging equipment. “A transaction that will allow us, minority shareholders, to access this innovation at a lower cost.“, – explained the Journal de l’Autombile. Alexander borgolts, Managing Director of DBT, during an interview provided on Thursday, June 10, 2021.

In the field of vision of the northern group, blockchain ownership is especially important. With Delmonicos, DBT intends to simplify and provide supervision, interoperability and charging sessions using this principle. “Blockchain is decentralized and cheaper. We will also be able to bypass banking transaction management companies that take a commission as an intermediary.“adds the CEO. State of the art technology, which he says will provide customers with end-to-end solutions and anticipate the next phase of electromobility, such as the dematerialization of multiple subscription cards.

The source of this capital-intensive project is a fundraiser completed by DBT last March. The group with an annual turnover of 10 million euros has carried out a capital increase of 200 million euros. “One third is dedicated to improving our previous ways of working, and two thirds to finance diversification, ” order in detail Alexander Borgolts. Diversification through the service.

Recurring income strategy

Installation and maintenance will be a priority. Therefore, DBT is currently focusing on meeting potential partners to outsource these tasks to professionals while remaining a one-stop hub for private and business clients. A movement that becomes important for the health of the whole family. In 2020, a marked slowdown in deployments resulted in a 60% drop in DBT activity. “We need to add a repeating component to protect ourselves from hesitation and limit risks.“, sets a new course Alexander Borgolts.

While the group is aiming for a 20% increase in turnover in 2022 over 2019 and at the same time a return to financial balance, the CEO of DBT expects 50% penetration of services in the commercial balance during this time. … He explains this increase in capacity by the fact that the execution of work (civil construction, electrical installation, terminal connection, etc.) sometimes costs 2-2.5 times more than just charging equipment.

A year ago, Alexander Borgolts supported the plan to conquer the business market. The company has structured itself accordingly and is completing its first interventions. Historically positioned in the public charging segment, DBT is now striving to meet the growing needs of the people. In the near future, a commercial partnership in this direction should be announced.

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