Dead Cells has sold over 5 million copies on iOS and Android

Dead Cells is one of those nuggets of indie games that gamers who love challenges play regularly on PC, consoles, or even their smartphones! The mobile version flies from success to success.

The period is favorable for independent games: not only are platforms opening their arms wide to welcome games developed by small teams (whether for smartphones, PCs or game consoles), but players are also very much looking for new and enriching experiences. AAA games are still popular, just look at the box of God of War Ragnarok on the PlayStation, but there is room for more fragile games.

A busy roadmap for 2023

And among these hit indie games, we find Dead Cells! Released in early access in 2017 and then in version 1.0 the following year, the roguelike game developed by Motion Twin has found a place on all platforms: PC, Linux, macOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Android and iOS.

The mobile version of the game has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide, according to Playdigious, which has been porting the game to smartphones. Thus, Dead Cells is a big success on iOS and Android, and deservedly so: the game plays perfectly there, whether with a touchscreen or with a controller (playing with a controller is always recommended).

Dead Cells arrived on iOS in August 2019, with an Android version following a year later. The Apple Arcade subscription service has been offering a “+” version without ads or in-app purchases for several months now. The success of Dead Cells on mobile devices is not going to stop there, as additional content is planned for this year: 2023 is set to be “the most exciting year in the history of Dead Cells,” announced Motion Twin last summer!

One of the big events will be the “Return to Castlevania” DLC, which mixes the Dead Cells universe with the Konami saga universe (the graphics are reminiscent of Symphony of the Night and Aria of Sorrow opuses). The release is scheduled for the first quarter, but it is not yet known whether mobile platforms will get the right to it at the same time as the rest.

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