Dead Space Remake Coming Tomorrow On PC, PS5 And Xbox

This week, Vincent Wang, senior brand manager at game development studio Motive, took to the official PlayStation Blog to provide more details on what to expect from the highly anticipated Dead Space remake on the PlayStation 5 console. A new remastered version of Dead Space will be released tomorrow. Check out the official launch trailer below for more on what to expect from the latest installment of the iconic game.

Playstation 5 gameplay

With the DualSense wireless controller for PlayStation 5, we at Motive can take players deeper into Isaac’s exciting journey aboard the USG Ishimura. During various events such as firing weapons, asteroids colliding with a ship, and attacking Necromorphs, haptic feedback allows players to feel the impact just like Isaac. Our goal with weapons was to give everyone a unique feel and feel to make the experience of fighting Necromorphs even more exciting. “

Dead Space will officially release on January 27, 2023 and will be available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. “Get ready to unravel a gripping mystery in the darkest depths of space. ”

dead space

“You hold your plasma cutter and take aim at the legacy of the fastpaced Slasher. You place your finger on the trigger of the DualSense controller and pull it past the required threshold to fire the weapon, shortly after feeling the weapon vibrate. The DualSense controller’s trigger then returns to its original position, reinitializing it for the next shot.

The swollen one starts lumbering towards you as you draw your pulse rifle. To survive, you give everything you have by firing your remaining bullets to defeat the incoming threat. As long as you hold the DualSense trigger, you feel it bounce with every rifle shot.”

“When Isaac Clarke and USG Kellion were sent to repair the mining vessel USG Ishimura, they had no idea how quickly a routine mission could turn into a complete nightmare. What did Ishimura’s crew discover in the dark? What happened to them? And what does this mean for the future of humanity itself?”

Source: PlayStation

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