Dead Space Remake: Release Trailer

A cult horror and sci-fi game released in 2008 that will be enriched by two sequels released in 2011 and 2013 respectively. The Dead Space remake is expected on January 27th. The final trailer before the fall in the arena.

A first-person shooter (3rd person) developed by Visceral Games and released in 2008, dead space was an absolutely brilliant sci-fi horror game. For the record, we play as Isaac Clarke, a simple engineer who is sent out for maintenance on the massive USG Ishimura before discovering the full horror of the events that took place there…

A big success at the time, the title would be enriched by two sequels released respectively in 2011 and 2013 and even two animated films, Dead Space: Downfall and Dead Space: Aftermath.

In July 2021, Electronic Arts launched a remake of the first part, developed under the auspices of the Motive studio. This new version is based on the Frostbite game engine, the same one used in another major Electronic Arts franchise, the series Battleground.

Shortly before the release of the game on January 27, Motive releases the launch trailer for this long-awaited remake into the arena. Especially since some fans were quite disappointed with The Callisto Protocol released last December. A survival horror game created by Glen Schofield, the former CEO of Visceral Games and, above all, the creator of the saga. dead space

In addition, Motive also published a post on their blog discussing the balance that needs to be found in order to stay true to the original story by adding new elements to it as much as possible, such as a voice for the protagonist, a bit more of an o-time presence. on the screen of certain minor characters or even a significantly reworked production of some passages. Nothing to distort the original experience a priori, other than the necessary (and visually impressive) polishing of this new version.

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