Death of COVID-19 at 27: his father implores young people to get vaccinated

Kevin Smith-Chartrée’s father, who died of COVID-19 after two weeks in intensive care, considers that his son would probably still be alive if he had been properly vaccinated and if he had not refused to be treated at Saint-Jérôme hospital. .

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Kevin Smith-Chartrée was first admitted to the emergency room on September 3, says his father, Mario Smith, in an interview with Mario Dumont.

“It was a cough, it was like the flu, a runny nose, a cough,” he recalls. According to him, there was no indication that the disease would take him that fast.

The young man, who wanted to travel, had received a first dose of the vaccine in mid-August, but contracted COVID-19 before the vaccine became effective. It was too late.

Kevin was admitted to the hospital for the first time on September 3, but was released a few days later.

“He told me: ‘Pa, I went out, I’m going to get well at our house.’ […] They wouldn’t let him out, he signed a denial of treatment. It is not a type of hospital, he wanted to get out of there, but if he had stayed, I am sure he would not be where he is today ”, says his father.

The young man returned home with medication on September 8. On the night of September 8-9, the inflammatory storm broke and he was rushed to the emergency room.

“The temperature rose, the lungs were no longer breathing. […] They intubated him, it no longer worked ”, laments his father.

Resistance in young people

Despite the pain, Mario Smith does not blame his son, but finds that resistance to vaccination is widespread among young people the same age.

“I tell young people: ‘go get vaccinated, it’s very real.’ This should not be taken lightly. […] They are all young people, it is not only him … Young people of that age do not want to know anything about the vaccine. […] There are so many things on social media that young people don’t get vaccinated. I know many of them! “deplores Mario Smith.

He hopes Kevin’s death can make his friends aware of the importance of vaccination and the real danger of COVID-19.

“Kevin, he’s a guy who had many, many, many friends. There are many who were not vaccinated in [sa] gang. If we gather 50% of your friends, so much the better. With what happened there, seeing Kevin suffer like this, I think they changed their minds… ”, he concludes.

*** See his full interview in the video above. ***

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