Death of COVID-19 at age 27: “I blame myself,” laments her friend

Michelina Mastrogiacomo regrets not having convinced her friend Kevin Smith-Chartrée to get vaccinated earlier. The 27-year-old lost his life as a result of his battle with the virus earlier this week.

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“I, who am close to Kevin, who is like his second mother, did not believe it either. I never texted Kevin. I apologize to his father, Mario Smith, because he had been texting Kevin for a year and a half, and I didn’t help him with that, ”explains Michelina Mastrogiacomo.

For a long time, he believed that Kevin was physically strong enough to break through this virus.

“It’s sad, I had to see Kevin, I wish I had seen someone before I knew less that he could have convinced me. Then I would have believed in this COVID and in the quality of the vaccines. I would have done everything on my side [pour me protéger] and I would have convinced Kevin, ”he says.

Kevin changed his mind after contracting COVID-19, he discovered that this virus can cause very dangerous symptoms.

“On social media for a year and a half he has been screaming loud and clear that COVID is nonsense that doesn’t really exist, until the last minute. Humble in person, in the end, he is able to say “I was wrong, he really exists”, says Michelina Mastrogiacomo, friend of Kevin Smith-Chartrée.

He decided to get his first chance on September 15 after watching his friend fight for his life.

“So much like Kevin, where we didn’t believe it before, today I don’t want to lose more, and it’s not just one dose that matters, we go entirely in two doses,” emphasizes her friend.

Visiting Denis Lévesque on Tuesday, he deeply regrets not having believed in COVID-19 earlier.

“I, I blame myself today. At 51, I’m supposed to be the responsible adult. I let it fall, I let it fall solid ”, Michelina Mastrogiacomo testifies excitedly.

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