Death Stranding on PC: Few but effective improvements? – Video test –

Video test Death Stranding on PC: Few but effective improvements?

Today we are offering the Death Stranding video test on PC, a title that 6 months after its release on console, arrives on PC. Here is the video test script below

Without too many surprises, the PC version of Death Stranding is quite similar to the excellent PS4 version we tested in November 2019.

From this great, gloomy stroll, which will occupy us for more than 40 hours, we will keep the ultra-efficient atmosphere, the sumptuous music, the enigmatic staging and a disturbing scenario. Indeed, the content has been very little retouched, adding at most 6 small cosmetic bonuses, stamped Valve, to recover during your journey. It is therefore on the side of pure technique that PC players can taste some new features. Death Stranding on PC is the assurance of 1080p compatibility, but also 2K, 4K, and ultrawide screens, to enjoy landscapes like never before.

It is also a well-deserved gain in fluidity that we have here: finished the 30FPS, yet conducive to very cinematic cutscenes by the creative Hideo Kojima, and makes way for a framerate that can support the 30, 60, 120, 144 and 240hertz, or as many images per second. Unsurprisingly, the overall gameplay comes out more appreciable, as it is more responsive and lighter than in 30FPS. We will benefit better from the camera movements when we play, much more pleasant than on a console because of this fluidity. Who says movement also says playability, and on this side it is a flawless, Death Stranding accommodating your controller, which is recommended, or your keyboard-mouse combo, without any transition, adapting to the stolen its interfaces. Only tiny flat, it is no longer possible to rock BB by stirring the joystick on PC, and it will be necessary, instead, to press a button in rhythm.

And that owners of NVIDIA 20 series graphics cards rejoice, the title is DLSS 2.0 compatible, and therefore offers more economical support for 4K, thanks to a process that will explain much better Jika, who split some video and written content on the optimization of this PC version of Death Stranding. If you are looking to know if the game will please you, because it is a very particular work, not to put in all hands, we obviously invite you to read our PS4 test, which offers you without spoiler, to discover this universe so special


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