“Death without a face” and gratuitous lies spread

CharlyLivres, a member of the 20 Minutes Reading Group, recommends Death without a face Katie Reichs, published May 12, 2021 by Éditions Robert Laffont.

Her favorite quote:

As I listened to the Body’s voice flowing like sand through a sieve, I tried to imagine the level of gullibility required to believe the crap he was spreading around the world. To understand the mystery of his popularity. Obviously, if he succeeded, it was not because of his shrewdness or intelligence.

Why this book?

  • Since Temperance Brennan is not a stereotypical romantic woman, she is a “real” woman suffering from heat and hunger. There is a real empathic connection that is created with this character, not always in great shape, but so close to reality. Moreover, since in this novel, Temperance has just had an operation for an aneurysm, she is afraid to see things that do not exist, and also to die at any moment. Its creator, Katie Reichs, who has had the same experience herself, can only feel affection and want to support her in the healing process.
  • Katie Reichs deals with conspiracy theories of which there are more and more (his novel was written before the coronavirus crisis), and especially fake news. Who is behind these people who spread lies, and what are their motives? Fear, the desire for power, the temptation to profit? All of these hypotheses are being explored through the discovery of the darknet, which is not so difficult to access.

Essentials in 2 minutes

Scenario. After surgery for an aneurysm, Temperance Brennan finds himself aloof from his new boss. But a corpse without a face is found. Intrigued by the strange events taking place around her, Temperance decides to investigate alone.

Symbols. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist working between the United States and Canada, gifted in her profession, does not allow herself to be stepped on or dictated to herself. Former investigator Skinny Slidell joins her in her quest for the truth.

Places. In North Carolina, hot summers.

Time. These days when conspiracy theses find clients.

Author. Katie Reichs is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based forensic anthropologist and professor. The author of novels featuring anthropologist Temperance Brennan, she also produced the Bones series, which follows the adventures of Temperance Brennan.

This book has been read since sympathy for Temperance Brennan during a period of doubt about her ability.

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