Deathground trailer: Survival horror launches on kickstarter –

Trailer Deathground: Survival horror launches on kickstarter

The horror survival game Deathground is entering its kickstarter phase. The game is revealed with a first trailer and many promises.

A survival game in the middle of a jungle complex, with dinosaurs tracking us. This is the atmosphere that Deathground promises in its project. The aim of the survivors is to recover objects of high importance and to reach an extraction point without being tricked. Jaw Drop Games emphasizes that survival can be done both solo and co-op for up to 3 players. They say that they have long observed the demand from players and that they wanted to meet it as best as possible.

In their kickstarter page, they focus on 3 “pillars” of Deathground: terror with very dark and often restricted spaces which makes the environment anxious, the teamwork to avoid the traps, save your comrades with mutual aid and communication in order to give yourself a better chance of survival, and finally what we can translate by emergence with a dynamic and reactive dinosaur AI, evolving objectives and the weather that can change at any time. The objectives, the points of spawns, the time and the enemies are generated randomly with each part.

Deathground currently has three character classes: the hunter, the scout and the engineer. Each has different stats and different abilities. The hunter can sense the danger in the surroundings and has a rifle. The scout has a motion detector to spot short range dinosaurs. The engineer can hack doors, generators and alarm systems without the need for tools. In the future, ranking games and game modes like PvP will appear depending on the level of support.

For the moment, Deathground does not yet have a release date, and for the moment would only be on PC.


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