Deathloop: A must-have for Xbox Series X and S available online, when will it be released?

Bethesda got a little embarrassed by signing an agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment to release Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo as (temporary) exclusive consoles on the PS5 shortly before it was acquired by Microsoft. However, he fulfilled his contract by offering them only for PC, with a portability ban until September 14, 2022 for the former and March 25, 2023 for the latter.

That’s good, today is September 14, 2022, and as we celebrate the first anniversary and end of Deathloop’s console exclusivity, its hypothetical Xbox Series X version has been unofficially revealed | S. Several netizens testify to having seen ads praising the opening of pre-orders for the game in their console’s Microsoft Store, and if clicking on it does nothing, everything suggests that Microsoft is in the beginning blocks. to open reservations.

At the same time, Arkane Lyon director Dinga Bakaba said he was writing a message to blow out the first candle and thank his team. Will it be released today, with the announcement of the Xbox Series X|S version and integration with Xbox Game Pass? Could there be a final update or DLC planned for the port and addition to the PlayStation Plus Extra Game Catalog? Or is Microsoft waiting for their conference tomorrow at Tokyo Game Show 2022 to make their revelations? Case to follow!

Until then, Deathloop is available on PS5 or PC for €25.13 on

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