Deathloop is finally coming to Xbox Series and straight to Xbox Game Pass

With the takeover of Bethesda by Microsoft, it was finally only a matter of time before Deathloop appeared on Xbox consoles. Rumors on the subject grew, even the listing of the game in the Microsoft Store appeared in recent days, but it was necessary to wait for the Xbox conference on the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show to get confirmation from Microsoft.

New heavyweight for Game Pass

So, Deathloop will officially be available on Xbox soon, almost a year after its release on PS5 and PC. We have to believe that the exclusive deal between Bethesda and PlayStation only lasted one year, which means Arkane is coming to Xbox on September 20th.

And, of course, the game will be included directly on Xbox Game Pass on both consoles and PC, as well as being available on PS Plus Extra soon. The game will even be available in the cloud.

In addition, Arkane announced that the game will receive new updates to add more enemies, a more complete ending, and cross-platform matchmaking. These updates will be free.

If you want to know more about this Deathloop feel free to check out our quiz published last year.

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