Deathloop is finally coming to Xbox!

Exactly one year ago, Deathloop came out, the latest game from Bethesda to be announced as a PlayStation 5 and PC exclusive. Sony has negotiated an exception with a studio developed by French studio Arkane.

Meanwhile, Zenimax, the owner of Bethesda, was bought by Microsoft for $7.5 billion…

We suspected that Bethesda games would systematically fall under Microsoft’s control for its Xbox environment and its Xbox One and Xbox Series, but the contract with Sony could not be called into question, at least not before a certain period.

Finally, the exclusion will last 1 year, and Deathloop invites itself, like all products from Microsoft studios, as part of the Xbox Game Pass.

Deathloop goes free on Xbox Game Pass on September 20

The title will also be offered for purchase in a dematerialized and physical version. Deathloop will be integrated into Xbox Game Pass starting September 20, and preload is available now.

Remember that the game offers a rather original FPS: the player assumes the role of Colt, a mercenary stuck in a time loop on Blackreef Island with a horde of assassins on his heels.

The concept of Die and Retry is at the heart of the game: you will have to fail and learn from your mistakes in order to always move forward in the story and succeed in breaking the loop as the character is resurrected after each death.


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