Decisive week for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market

This week will be crucial for all cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. The House of Representatives will make a statement on the adoption or not of the infrastructure bill. In fact, this will influence both the trend and the regulation of the cryptosphere. Therefore, new declaration and imposition rules will be established.

A crucial week for all cryptocurrencies

On September 26, during a meeting, the culmination of the vote on the bipartisan bill was set as September 30, 2021. This refers to infrastructure and costs around $ 1 billion. This phenomenon was declared by Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

This September 26, 2021, during an interrogation of journalists, President Joe Biden would like to promote the adoption of the Infrastructure Bill. Reporters asked if Pelosi would win the vote. According to the president of the United States, this week would turn out to be green.

Laws will be enforced

In other words, this infrastructure bill has already been adopted by the Senate since August 10. In fact, it is a law that governs all construction and renovation activities of roads, bridges, airports, schools and all types of infrastructure. The implementation of the Law enables the development of the US economy to advance. The rules for filing and taxes will become stricter for the cryptosphere. By law, it is imperative that all businesses transacting in cryptocurrencies over $ 10,000 report transactions to the US tax authorities.

Senator Pat Toomey adopted an amendment. This concerns validators, developers, and node operators. In other words, many senators validated this amendment.

A decision that can save everything

With the various difficulties experienced by the cryptocurrency sector, such as the collapse of Evergrande, as well as the decision of the Central Bank of China to ban activities related to digital currencies, this week is sure to be crucial for Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies.

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