Deconfinement and a Sigh of Relief at Edmundston | COVID-19 in the Atlantic

The lockdown has changed the face of a large city in northwest New Brunswick since April 10.

On Wednesday morning, several traders were glad they were finally able to display open in the windows of their companies, as evidenced by the co-owner of the Pür et Simple restaurant Pascal Hudon.

The co-owner of the restaurant was delighted to see his customers in person again.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Bernard Lebel

We are sure that we cannot fail to be worried about the opportunity to reopen our dining room.– shares Mr. Hudon, explaining that the restaurant only offered takeaway food for almost a month.

The co-owner of Pür and Simple admits he was surprised to learn of the deconfinement on Tuesday, and says the team needed some gymnastics to get everything ready for the opening scheduled for 6 a.m. the next day.

Had to turn around on a dime, as they say, yesterday afternoon, he adds. But we were very happy to find our clients.

I think people were very excited too, we had good clients this morning, people were in a good mood and were happy to come back to us.

Quote from:Pascal Hudon, co-owner of the Pür et Simple restaurant
A man with a big white beard in transparent glasses talks on a webcam in his office.

The co-owner of the Pür et Simple restaurant was delighted to welcome his customers on Wednesday morning.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Bernard Lebel

Back to school for students

Deconfinement is also synonymous with a few students returning to class on Wednesday morning.

The French-speaking Northwest school district announced its return to class on Tuesday afternoon, shortly after the public health announcement.

Kim Savage, the mother of two girls at Saint-Jacques School, says good humor has always been appreciated at home.

Everyone was happy, everyone was happy, this morning it was not at all a burden to get ready for school, points to a young mother.

A woman in a black striped white sweater is talking to the webcam in her office.

Kim Savage says her daughters couldn’t wait to go to full-time school again.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Bernard Lebel

She adds that her children were very eager to go back to school and return to a more normal daily life.

My daughters were very, very happy to find their teacher, their friends, their little familiar environment.

Resumption of leisure

Edmundston Sports and Recreation Director Michel Nadeau was delighted with the news.

The removal also means that recreational and sports facilities in the city of Edmundston will be able to resume operations.

The sports pavilion is photographed from the outside.

The Sports Pavilion will open its doors on Thursday in Edmundston.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Bernard Lebel

The sports pavilion, which houses the municipal swimming pool, climbing walls, badminton and tennis courts, gyms and training tracks, will officially open on Thursday.

Those wishing to use the sports facilities should call to reserve seats.

According to Bernard Lebel

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