DEEP Robotics Launches Jueying X20, Human Detection and Rescue Robot Dog

The Jueying X20 can delve into both outdoor and indoor natural disaster areas where it can negotiate ruins, rubble piles, stairwells and other unstructured paths; it can also easily climb obstacles and steps over 20 cm and climb slopes of 35 degrees. With its ability to move freely in all directions and maneuver within a small contact area, the robot dog can reduce secondary crashes. An industrial-grade IP66 rating allows the four-legged robot to carry out detection operations in extreme weather conditions, including heavy rains, sand and dust storms, low temperatures and hail. With a maximum payload of 85kg, the robot dog can carry oxygen tanks and other rescue supplies to disaster areas, making it easier for victims and rescuers to help. By integrating a wide range of application modules, including a long-range communication system, a dual-spectrum PTZ camera, a gas detection device, an omnidirectional camera, and a robotic arm, the robotic solution achieves long-range control and image transmission. heat source detection, real-time detection of harmful gases and emergency calls, and many other functions. In addition, Jueying X20 is available with an optional rotating laser scanner that can generate a high-precision point cloud representing indoor and outdoor disaster and accident sites, which is a reliable source of information for post-disaster data analysis.


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