Deep Tech: Engie Invests in Digital Twins of Startup SAMP

Startup SAMP, which is developing patented artificial intelligence and 3D streaming technology to optimize the management of industrial infrastructures by creating digital twins, raised 4 million euros in seed funds from Innovacom, Engie New Ventures and High Tech Gründerfonds on October 13.

Deeptech startup is developing its digital dual solution for large industrial sites (thermal power plants, chemical plants, water treatment plants, etc.). Founded in 2020 by a former Dassault Systèmes employee and a former CEA researcher, it has developed from Station F in Paris.

SAMP technology allows you to model and contextualize in 3D data about elements that need to be serviced or repaired in real time, for example, for preventive maintenance or performance monitoring. It has already been deployed in Engie, Suez, Téréga (GRTgaz competitor) and Trapil (oil pipeline networks).

strategic investment for engineers

Engie’s investment in the startup is the culmination of a collaboration since its inception with the group’s underground natural gas storage subsidiary Storengy and the group’s research lab. SAMP has deployed its solution on one of 14 Storengy storage sites. The company uses it, in particular, to simulate complex engineering and maintenance operations.

“SAMP allowed us to quickly create a rich and functional digital twin of Storengy objects. The resulting 3D scans very accurately reflect reality on earth. SAMP has also allowed us to consolidate our various data sources, now available to operators, maintainers and engineers through a single software tool, so they can prepare their interventions,” Antoine Boudechent, Storengy Digital and Industrial Project Manager, said in a press release.

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