Deepsea adventure game Silt is coming to PlayStation in June

In June, a new indie game will launch on the PlayStation platform, offering a “surreal deepsea adventure” in the form of Il. Dom Clarke, programmer at game developer Spiral Circus, took to the official PlayStation Blog to talk more about what you can expect from the new game, which will be released on PS4 and PS5 on June 1, 2022.

“Dive into the heartbreaking ocean depths of Sylt and unravel mysteries long forgotten. Explore dangerous waters, own sea creatures and solve puzzles to travel deeper into the darkness.

Silt deep sea adventure game

“Silt is a puzzleadventure game set deep in a heartbreaking ocean abyss where you play as a solo diver who explores the depths and dangerous waters to uncover long forgotten mysteries. But the diver has a secret. Using uncommon power, you will be able to wield sea creatures that roam the ocean void, unlocking new creatures and using their unique abilities to solve puzzles, traverse the environment, and work your way deeper into the darkness. With only a few weeks left until the release of the game, we wanted to share one of the processes we’ve developed to take our artist Tom’s traditional inkonpaper painting from still images to an interactive game world.”

“Introducing Tom’s drawing into the game would be the biggest technical challenge for us. It was important that the game look like one of Tom’s paintings, and not like his art was taken out of context and into something else. The idea was to give Tom almost complete control over the look of the game right from the paint program. This means control over composition, camera framing, tonal contrast, lighting, shadow, texture, fog, all the things he would just draw naturally if he were working on one of his works.

We needed to find a way to let Tom do all of this while still being able to reverse engineer it all in the game engine and make it interactive. We used layers in the paint program to separate the logical elements from each other, and then wrote a script that moved the layers and converted them into something that the game engine could handle.

Source: PSBlog

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