Defense: This is the technology that the Americans want to develop in the face of the threat of Chinese and Russian hypersonic missiles

After high-altitude balloons, developed by the Pentagon to counter Russian and Chinese hypersonic missiles, US defense is banking on other technologies, CNN reports on Friday, August 26. These are directed energy systems described by Admiral Michael Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations, as “high-energy lasers” or “powerful microwave guns.” He added that developing these technologies is a top priority for the US Navy, especially in the face of China and Russia in the midst of the hypersonic missile race. Russia was supposed to test its Kinjal hypersonic missile during an attack on Ukraine last March, according to the website of the Strategic Research Foundation. The Zircon missile, with a cruising speed of over 9,000 kilometers per hour, is to enter service with the Russian Navy by the end of 2022. China, for its part, successfully tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in 2021.

Why are these so-called “hypersonic” missiles such a concern for the US military? With speeds in excess of 1.5 km/s, they travel much faster than traditional missiles and do not follow predictable trajectories like their ballistic counterparts. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to detect and intercept them. To counter them, US defense intends to either destroy the missile or disable its electronics. Laser for self defense (…)

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