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Most of us at one time or another have sent messages in the heat of the moment that we wish we hadn’t. With iOS 16, we hope Apple will help iOS Message users with new features that will be available on iPhone and iPad to make it easier for users to edit and possibly even delete messages they’ve sent. Apple has provided developers with several previews of the software revealing some of the features that could possibly be implemented in the next iOS release sometime in September 2022.

Until we have more details about these features, this quick guide will tell you how to delete messages on iPhone or iPad. Make sure the messages are removed from your iCloud account on all your devices.

When you write a message in the official Apple Message app, Apple saves your message directly to your iCloud account and syncs it across all your devices. Whether you want to delete a single message from all of your devices or turn off Messages in iCloud, this guide will walk you through the process.

Fortunately, when you delete one message from your device, it syncs across all your devices, deleting the message, attachment, or conversation from all devices at the same time. Not only does this free up space on your iCloud storage, but it also lets you delete those annoying messages that you may have preferred not to send but would like others to see. If you prefer to have conversations on one device, you can turn off Messages in iCloud. Once deactivated, Apple will keep your message history in a separate iCloud backup.

Delete iPhone Messages

1. Find the conversation and message you want to delete.

2. Touch and hold the popup message or attachment you want to delete. This will cause a new popup to appear, allowing you to normally reply, copy, translate, or add a thumbs up icon or similar to a post. At the bottom of the menu, you will see the “Advanced” option. Select it as shown in the image below.

3. Your iPhone screen will now give you the option to select individual messages from your conversation and a delete icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Select the messages you want to delete and click the trash can icon to confirm, and then select Delete Message when prompted.

delete messages on iPhone 2022

Delete Entire Conversation on iPhone

1. Enter the Messages app, where all your conversations will be listed.

2. Swipe left on the conversation you want to delete.

3. Confirm your choice when prompted to delete the conversation from your iPhone.

Turn off Messages in iCloud

If you want to turn off Messages in iCloud on your iPhone, just go to the Settings app and tap your name and Apple ID area at the top. Select iCloud and then Manage Storage. Select Messages and then Mute & Delete. Once enabled, your messages will no longer sync across all of your devices.

If you’re still having trouble deleting messages from your iPhone, it might be worth contacting an Apple Genius Bar representative or searching the official Apple support site for more information. If you want to learn how to delete messages from the Facebook app, or rather from the Meta Messenger app, check out our previous article.

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