Dell announces new protections for its PCs and servers

PC maker Dell today announced a series of new security solutions for its business line of products.

These new services can be grouped into two categories, with on the one hand new solutions intended to protect the supply chain of products during their transit to their customers and on the other hand new features intended to improve product safety. during their use.

Supply chain security

While Dell has already invested in securing supply chains for its customers, the company today announced three new services.

The first one is called “SafeSupply Chain Tamper Evident Services” and, as the name suggests, it is for Dell to affix anti-tampering seals to its devices, transport boxes and even entire pallets before they are released. ‘they never leave Dell factories. Anti-tampering seals will allow customers to determine if intermediaries or carriers have opened boxes or devices to modify physical components.

The second announcement is also about supply chain security. The service is called “Dell SafeSupply Chain Data Sanitization Services” and is intended to limit manipulation carried out at the storage level. “With NIST-compliant hard drive erasure, Dell Technologies is helping companies make sure their device has had a clean slate before branding it,” according to Dell.

In addition, Dell is also adding a new security feature called “Secure Component Verification” for its range of custom PowerEdge servers. The company explains that using a built-in cryptographic certificate, businesses will be able to verify that their PowerEdge servers arrive as ordered and built after the server has been sealed and shipped from it. factory.

Dell says the new Secure Component Check will be useful for:

  • check that modifications have not been made to the components of the system (for example, memory or hard disk swap, I / O modifications, etc.);
  • protect against risk by meeting supply chain security standards in highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare;
  • enable customers to effectively validate and deploy multiple servers, without having to audit every component.

New safety devices for products in service

Dell is also rolling out updates to existing solutions to help manage the security of its devices. One of these is an update to Dell EMC Data Sanitization for Enterprise and Data Destruction for Enterprise service, which enables bulk management of Dell equipment. It now supports the entire Dell Technologies infrastructure portfolio and third-party products, not just a select list of products.

In addition, Dell will launch a new security offering next year called Dell EMC Keep Your Hard Drive for Enterprise and Keep Your Component for Enterprise. This service will allow businesses to keep sensitive data stored on their devices and under their control during the replacement of sensitive hardware parts – a critical privacy regulation that many businesses must adhere to when maintaining a business. outdated business infrastructure.

Dell is also deploying the ability to customize the boot process for PowerEdge servers through its new PowerEdge UEFI Secure Boot Customization, also with advanced protection measures for boot sector vulnerabilities. These same PowerEdge servers are also receiving an update to their integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) service.

The new update will allow system administrators to lock down Dell systems by cutting off their network access without having to restart the systems.

Other security features included in the iDRAC updates include the ability to use multi-factor authentication when accessing iDRAC accounts and additional scripting capabilities through the Redfish API.

Finally, iDRAC will also support Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules so that system administrators can automate certain PowerEdge security processes such as user privilege configuration and data storage encryption.

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