Delphine Jubillar: Awful News from Cedric’s Lawyer, Her Husband

Delphine Jubillar has been missing for a full six months. Because on the morning of December 16, her husband, Cedric, noticed her absence and reported it to the police. The 33-year-old nurse and mother of two, Louis and Elijah, has shown no signs of life since. And the investigation into his disappearance appears to be dragging on. Indeed, some elements suggest that she is still alive. However, nothing seems to allow us to understand what could have happened to the young woman. Dolphin Jubillar has disappeared, and now it is impossible to know under what circumstances. And on this occasion, her husband’s lawyer has no good news to share in the press.

This case, still not solved for a full six months, is of interest to all of France. They were originally relatives of Dolphin Jubillar, who moved heaven and earth to support the investigations of the investigators in charge of the case. The entire village of Cagnac-les-Mines then conducted research to find her or to find out the circumstances of her disappearance. But now all of France wants answers.

Certain groups of interested citizens, especially on Facebook, are emerging in an attempt to unravel this mystery. One of them even thought he had discovered something suspicious. Buried sheet suggesting the body may have been in the same location. But the police went there and saw that it was again a false trail. And the words of attorney Cedric Jubillar are not encouraging.

Another statement in the Delphine Jubillar case, words of Master Jean-Baptiste Alari.

Cedric Jubillar, husband of Delphine Jubillar, is in a delicate position after his wife’s disappearance. Indeed, he is both a victim and a suspect. Indeed, in many cases, the perpetrators are the relatives of the missing. But at present, nothing proves, despite six months of investigation, that Delphine’s husband Jubillar is responsible for her disappearance. However, the public, keen on the case, believes that it is likely that he is the culprit. Objeko reminds you that the benefit of the doubt prevails. And if the rumors about his guilt are strong, it is because Dolphin and her husband were preparing for a divorce. Having split up since August 2020, they discussed child custody procedures.

According to the couple’s relatives, Cedric was not at the origin of the separation. However, Delphine Jubillar did not inform her friends or colleagues that the relationship between her and Cedric was strained. On the contrary, they were willing to do whatever was necessary for the children. Louis and Elijah were 6 years and 18 months old on the day their mother disappeared. For a senior, this is difficult because he fully understands the situation. As well as Objeko adds that he would even be questioned by the investigators.

But Louis’s testimony does not mention his parents’ arguments on the evening of December 15th. In addition, the investigators allegedly took samples to make sure that the little boy did not swallow the sleeping pills so that he would not hear a possible argument.

Cedric Jubillar’s lawyer seems pessimistic

If he cannot be a pessimist, he is at least very specific. According to him, the investigation continues, but nothing threatens his client. He was told that concerned citizens had created an online petition. The goal is to find out from the prosecutor the whole truth about the disappearance of Dolphina Jubillar. Indeed, in six months, the authorities have shared very little. No doubt to protect their evidence and not give suspects a head start.

But, according to Master Jean-Baptiste Alari, justice is so restrained for another reason. Enough to reassure budding researchers and citizens demanding answers, Objeko agrees.

“We have a case in which the mystery has remained intact, despite numerous investigations.” explained by Master Jean-Baptiste Alari in columns Planet. “If justice had an explanation, we would have it very simple (…) If someone was involved because there is serious or congruent evidence, we would know.” So it’s a good thing the investigation is put on hold if no one has more items than those that went through the press …

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