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Lionel Gage and his father Carnot, two former Marseille dentists, were sentenced on Thursday to eight and five years in prison respectively, with immediate warrants, for mutilating hundreds of patients while enriching themselves on their way to welfare and mutual aid.

For the President of the Criminal Court, Celine Ballerini, the two men put in place “uniform and systematized treatments” that “destroyed” lives “without a smile” and “in unbearable pain.”

The decision was greeted with applause from the hundreds of complainers in the room before it was passed by the President, for whom we “should never rejoice in imprisonment.”

The convicts, who held each other’s hands, remained expressionless behind their surgical masks before being placed in a box in the courtroom.

For the magistrate, who explained the court decision in detail, with a fair amount of pedagogy, these sentences are justified by the “number of victims”, the number of years during which the facts took place (six years), “very serious damage”. “Social Security” and “very large sums allocated for the repair” of these patients.

In addition, “they abused their worthy and acceptable quality as a dental surgeon,” “the respectable status of knowing someone who is clearly superior to your case,” she insisted.

Under judicial supervision since their indictment in November 2012, they have not spent a single day in pre-trial detention.

Former dentists Lionel Guedj (center) and Carno Guedj, his father, arrive at Marseille Court on September 8, 2022 (AFP – Christophe SIMON)

Marseille’s public prosecutor’s office estimated that Lionel Gedge, at that time a young dentist living in the impoverished north of the city, took the lives of 3900 healthy teeth out of 327 patients without any therapeutic justification for the sole purpose of installing them with very advantageous bridges. He received 28 times more dentures than the average French dentist, Social Security calculated.

The prosecution has asked for ten years in prison for 42-year-old Lionel Gedge, who was tried for intentional assault resulting in mutilation for acts committed between 2006 and 2012, and five years in prison, including one year of suspended probation for three years. against Carnot, says Jean-Claude, 71.

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