Department of Alpes-Maritimes has been the victim of a data breach

Large tile for the department of Alpes-Maritimes. The community, which regretted being the victim of a computer intrusion on Wednesday night, November 9, has just discovered that the hackers behind the attack have just leaked numerous documents to their site.

290 gigabytes of stolen data

As security researcher Clément Domingo noted, the attackers, Play Ransomware, released the first batch of data last Monday, for example, with copies of “identity cards, passports, bordereaus and gray cards,” he told regional daily newspaper Nice Matin. Or 13 gigabytes of files downloaded from a mega link, which are just a snack. The hackers, who also targeted digital services company ITS Group, claim to have stolen a total of 290 gigabytes of data, files they promise to release within five days by Friday, in the absence of a response from their victim.

Local authorities initially praised the agents’ “quick response” which “allowed us to limit the scope of the attack both in terms of server infection and data leakage.” “The very content of these data, as well as their exact perimeters, are still being evaluated,” added the agency that filed the complaint and notified Cnil of the incident.

Similarities to Hive

The third departmental community to be hit this fall by a computer attack, with Seine-Maritime and Seine-et-Marne, Alpes-Maritimes are the only ones to regret the data breach so far. The Guadeloupe region has also been the victim of a computer invasion.

The emergence of Play Ransomware in the criminal ransomware market was noticed last July by Trend Micro researchers. A month ago, the first victims appeared. To the computer security firm, there are marked similarities between this new gang and the Hive franchise, which has already claimed over 1,300 victims with an estimated $100 million in loot. The Play ransomware is also linked to the Nokoyawa ransomware, although a connection is also possible to the Quantum ransomware, an offshoot of the infamous Conti gang that exploded in the air following a controversy over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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