Depressive symptoms relieved by this over-the-counter product…and available to everyone

September 4, 2022 at 4:06 pm

An American study led by Tuomas Mykola shows that vitamin D can help relieve symptoms of depression.

Depression is a common illness throughout the world. According to Inserm, depressive disorder affects 15 to 20% of the general population. Various options have already been proposed for the treatment of these disorders, which can affect daily life, such as treatment with hallucinogenic mushrooms, which can even return the brain to a reset state.

This time it’s an even more affordable treatment that’s piqued the interest of scientists. And this time around, there’s no need to scour the dark web for supplies or resort to a drastic diet change…

The power of vitamins

Tuomas Mykola simply calls on the power of vitamin D to cure his ailments. In a study published July 11 in an American journal, vitamin D will, among other things, regulate “various functions of the central nervous system.” mental health.

A good way to establish a connection between the sun and a good mood, after all, sunlight is the body’s first source of vitamin D production. But don’t panic, it can also be obtained by eating foods such as fish or seafood, or cottage cheese.

Verified Results

Among 53,235 participants with or without depression, and “according to the findings of the researchers, vitamin D supplements were more effective than placebo in relieving symptoms of depression.” As always, when it comes to contingencies, you have to be careful! 41 studies generally suggest that the benefits of vitamin D are proven, but future research should investigate this further. Until then, watch your diet!

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