Deprixa Pro 6.3 NULLED – Messaging and logistics system

Deprixa Pro 6.3 NULLED – Messaging and logistics system

Courier Deprixa Pro is software designed for companies that process packages and online purchases that require a system to track their storage logistics and cargo handling to their final destination, a set of binding modules that will automatically generate invoicing based on their size . . , weight and shape of the handling of the cargo in question.

The advantage of this software is that it is a web system that provides access to it from a computer, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection.

Deprixa Pro Features

    In this new module, you will find the most famous payment APIs, such as STRIPE, PAYPAL, PAYSTACK, which you can perform from the online shopping module, prewarn every time you buy products on Ebay, Amazon or other stores, and then pay your credit card shipments.
    In this module you will find a powerful tool known in the WhatsApp world that notifies the sender or receiver that a package has been sent from there, you can track it by clicking on the link, this powerful tool is managed in Twilio and you can configure it here. and buy credits for your notifications.
    In this new online shopping module, the customer previously notices his shipment, then the manager or employee verifies, approves and creates the shipment to the destination.
    In this module, you can create simple shipments with some important options, calculate money according to settings, and use the tool to create multiple shipments with different amounts of shipments to the same recipient.
    This module is enabled for shipments that need to be collected at the customer’s home, in addition the customer can request a collection and it will be accepted by any driver or employee.
    This important module is responsible for making large consolidations in a single bag or container, saving space and price for the customer, this module has an intelligent search engine for the regular addition of packages.
    This module is very important as it provides accurate information about your entire company, advanced filtering in all its forms, employee, customer, driver, Status, Agents, Payment mode, among others, it also performs simple printing and advanced reporting in Excel.
    This module is important because the customer can be given credit for 5, 15, 30 days and more, this module allows you to keep clear accounts and make partial or total payment when starting print support, it also has an advanced date filter, filtered by agencies or client.
    This powerful module notifies the manager, employee, driver and customer when there is an action such as sending a package, update, delivery, customer registration, and also each notification allows to enter and perform the necessary action according to the action taken.
    It is important that this module, which has many submodules, is very well structured, since the proper functioning of the system depends on it, as well as the configuration of taxes and fees, in each of the modules you will find the necessary data to calculate prices . As usual, this multishipment, collected, and consolidated setup is based on the rates for each country.


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