Despite the deconfinement, Zoom shows flourishing results

The Californian company Zoom, publisher of the videoconferencing software of the same name, has just presented the results for its first quarter of 2021. It posts a total income of 956.2 million dollars, up 191% on the year last at the same time.

An increase in customers

Its number of customers has also increased. The video conferencing tool is now used by approximately 497,000 customers with more than 10 employees, an increase of 87% from the first quarter of 2020. In addition, the number of customers contributing more than $ 100,000 in revenue has increased by 160% compared to last year.

The waves of deconfinement generated by the acceleration of vaccination campaigns have so far had little impact on Zoom’s business. As a reminder, the Covid-19 pandemic had exploded this videoconferencing software in a context of the massification of teleworking. Thus, in just one year, the company had seen its turnover jump by 367%.

Enrich your platform

This enthusiasm also pushed the company to enrich its solution with new functionalities, in particular on the aspect of the security of personal data, a topic which earned it an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Last November, it introduced the “At-Risk Meeting Notifier” service which scans social networks and public websites to retrieve Zoom conference links and prevent the meeting from being organized. The objective is to avoid “zoom bombing”, a practice which consists of an unwanted intrusion into a meeting in progress.

Last April, Zoom also launched a $ 100 million fund, the Zoom Apps Funds, to invest in technologies to integrate into its platform. Also, he launched into online event management with “Zoom Events”, a new way to monetize his services.

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