Destiny 2, the Arrival Season: “Interference” missions – Part 1, our guide

With the Arrival Season in Destiny 2, Bungie is offering a new series of scripted quests, “Interferences”, accessible to owners of the seasonal pass.

There will be a new one every week, so don’t miss our dedicated guides.

By logging into Destiny 2 for the first time since the new season, three cinematics are linked, including one presenting Ana Bray losing contact with Rasputin, and another where Zavala sends you to Io’s side.

Destiny 2, the Season of Arrival: missions

Jupiter’s moon is indeed attacked by a Pyramid of Darkness. Go there, and head for the glow at the edge of the cliff.

While you are caught up in the Pyramid, you are finally “saved” by Savathün and propelled in the ascending plane, then again teleported to the Oasis. Jump off the cliff to continue.

On the spot, your Specter puts you in touch with Eris Morn. But no sooner have you arrived than Corrupted appear.

Facing Savathün’s Witness, aim for the center, paying attention to the Corrupted who continue to appear in number, and in particular the Ascending Ogre, who expels you with his shot. Once halfway through his life, the Witness disappears.

Go ahead by shooting the corrupted barriers. Then go from platforms to platforms.

In front of you, the Cradle, where the Traveler was originally discovered. Once inaccessible, the place is now open to you. But what it contains is not reassuring.

Destiny 2, the Season of Arrival: missions Destiny 2, the Season of Arrival: missions

On your way to the tree, corrupted people appear. Destroy them and then head under the structure. Here you are again in the Savathün courtyard.

On the spot, the troops of Savathün attack you in number. Defeat the Witness once and for all, paying attention to the Envoys who appear once the boss is well shaken. When it’s done, the other turrets activate, but Eris teleports you to the Cradle, saving you from certain death …

By learning that you have particles of Darkness within you, Eris also gives you the Silver Wings Seed, the Seasonal Artifact.

Destiny 2, the Season of Arrival: missions

After a dark cinematic, here you are at the end of the first part of the quest line “Interferences”. Go see the Vagabond to find out what he wants.

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