Destiny 2 trailer announces the arrival of the Moments of Triumph 2020

Trailer Destiny 2 announces the arrival of the Moments of Triumph 2020

As every year on the occasion of Bungie Day on July 7, Destiny 2 launches its Moments of Triumph event which lasts until the end of the summer.

For non-connoisseurs, the Moments of Triumph are a list of objectives to achieve to obtain various awards, including this year the seal MMXX. A Triumph gives access to an emblem and after 15, it is possible to buy items such as a T-shirt from the Moments of Triumph 2020 for example. For this 2020 edition, 25 Triumphs are to be performed.

In this event which aims to honor players, the limit of seasonal rewards is also lifted in the following raids: “Leviathan, Devourer of worlds”, “Arrow of stars”, “Crown of doom” and “Plague of the Past”. After successfully completing them, an exclusive Raid ring will then be available for purchase.

The Moments of Triumph 2020 event takes place from July 7 to September 22.

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