Destiny 2 trailer flies to Europe with its next expansion –

Trailer Destiny 2 flies to Europe with its next expansion

{{article_intro | texte = As expected, Bungie has just unveiled its next extension, called Beyond the Light. For the occasion, the studio released a first trailer, which sets the tone.}

Expected for September 22 on all media where we can find Destiny 2, Destiny 2: Beyond the Light will take us to Europe, the frozen moon of Europe. On site, the Guardians will discover a new elemental power, which they can try in different forms. A new raid will await the players, but also Vigris, a Fallen who founded his own faction, and who intends to prevent the Guardians from working. This new season will consist of four seasons, and, of course, a multitude of weapons, pieces of armor and secrets will be discovered.

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