Details of the vaccination campaign for everyone revealed on Thursday

VSOn Thursday, the Quebec authorities will inform the population about the vaccination procedure until June 24. Minister Christian Dubet will be accompanied by the director of the vaccination campaign in Quebec, Daniel Pare and the strategic health adviser for public health at the General Directorate of Public Health, Dr. Richard Masse, to take stock of the long-awaited operation.

Minister Dubet sold the fuse while studying the appropriations: “I take the ball in my hands and invite people to listen to us. [jeudi] midday because we will have an important announcement about vaccination of the general population, ”he said, answering a question from Liberal MP Marie Monpeti.

According to our information, the Lego government will announce all the details related to this operation, including the logistics of the appointment. Quebec announced that 3 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered so far, including about 70,000 second doses.

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