Detection and isolation, Blaine Higgs analyzes possible changes | COVID-19 in the Atlantic

The province reported 86 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, for a total of 650. Blaine Higgs he says he expects to see similar numbers throughout the week.

He also raised the possibility of New Brunswick putting more emphasis on using rapid tests in the coming weeks.

There are different ways to deal with this variant of COVID-19, advance Blaine Higgs. Therefore, no one will have to rush to isolate themselves just because a test comes back positive. We are working on this and will provide more details in a day or two.

According to Blaine Higgs, a good 10% of New Brunswick residents won’t get vaccinated, and it’s time to find ways to live with this reality.

The government wants to find ways to keep people working, even if they are exposed to a positive case. To do this, Blaine Higgs believes that the use of rapid screening tests could help.

New Brunswick Prime Minister Blaine Higgs is seeking solutions to speed up COVID-19 testing in the province.

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If people are twice vaccinated, it does not mean they have to go home. They could do rapid screenings and say, “Well that’s okay, I don’t have a positive result, so that’s okay, I’m still working.”, he said.

Even if your test result is positive, if you are twice vaccinated, you may not be sick. Therefore, you can continue to work under certain conditions, while protecting yourself and others.

A quote from: Blaine Higgs, Prime Minister of New Brunswick

Blaine Higgs says he is aware that delays at the testing centers are causing problems for New Brunswick residents.

We need to be able to test quickly, confirm.

As part of a national program, New Brunswick Chambers of Commerce now offer free COVID-19 Self-Assessment Kits for SMEs..

These tests can quickly identify asymptomatic employees to prevent outbreaks in the workplace.

Companies with more than 300 employees can request this kit on the province’s website.

Blaine Higgs claims that New Brunswick has thousands of these kits. He is considering making them more available and integrating them in various places, especially in schools.

According to the Prime Minister, this would save time for several people.

The province will provide more details on its website shortly on how these tests will be distributed.

Symptomatic people will have priority for screening

Detected COVID-19 cases are on the rise in New Brunswick and the province is lagging behind in its drug test analysis.

Symptomatic people and those who have been in contact with an infected person will now be prioritized for screening, and those who wish to be tested but do not fall into these categories should abstain for the time being.

New Brunswick Medical Director of Health, Dr. Jennifer Russell.

New Brunswick Medical Director of Health Dr. Jennifer Russell (Archive).

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If you have no symptoms or are not identified as a close contact of a reported case, monitor your symptoms and order a test only if you have symptoms.asks the province’s medical director, Dr. Jennifer Russell.

The province is also asking people who need proof for travel-related reasons to use private service providers.

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