Devialet, Gojob, Eovolt… this week’s French Tech fundraiser

Devialet raised 50 million euros
Premium speakers and headphones.
Sector: Fashion, Luxury
Investors: Credit Mutuel Equity, Bpifrance

Gojob raised 23 million euros
Online temporary agency.
Sector: HR, Education
Investors: Amundi, Banque des Territoires, Breega Capital, KOIS, Alter-Equity.

Evolt raised 16 million euros
Folding electric bikes.
Sector: Transport
Investors: Raise Impact, Financière Arbevel

Standing ovation raised 12 million euros
Cheese substitutes.
Sector: Catering and agri-food
Investors: Astanor Ventures, Peakbridge, Seventure Partners, Big Idea Ventures, Good Startup

Cuure raised 10 million euros
Treatment with dietary supplements.
Sector: Beauty, Health
Investors: JamJar Investments, Verlinvest, CapAgro

Mercato de l’Emploi raised 10 million euros
National network of independent recruiters.
Sector: HR, Education
Investors: Ring Capital, Ixo Private Equity

Rosalie raised 7.5 million euros
Managing payroll requests.
Sector: Finance, Insurance
Investors: Fin Capital, The Treasury VC, FJ Labs, Auxxo, LeFonds VC, Clocktower, Kraken Ventures, Audeo Ventures, Sie Ventures, Moving Capital.

Wizaly raised 6 million euros
Marketing mix analysis software.
Sector: Enterprise applications and technologies
Investors: Innovacom, French Founders, Ankaa Ventures, Galia Gestion

Obat raised 6 million euros
Software for creating quotes and invoices.
Sector: Enterprise applications and technologies
Investors: Truffle Capital, Evolem, Holnest

SiVIEW raises €5.5m
AI for vision health.
Sector: Beauty, Health
Investor: LBOFrance

Capsule Corp Labs raised 4.8 million euros
Consulting and deployment of NFT solutions.
Sector: Digital Services Company
Investors: Omnes Capital, Revam, DFG, business angels

Le Van raised 4.5 million euros
Delivery of drinks in a returnable container.
Sector: Social and solidarity economy, sustainable development
Investors: ID4 Ventures, Kima Ventures, Teampact Ventures, business angels

ProfessorBob.II raised 4 million euros
AI at the service of students and teachers.
Sector: HR, Education
Investors: Innovacom, Inco Ventures

Imparfaite raised 3 million euros
Used clothing market.
Sector: Fashion, Luxury
Investor: Alter Equity

Monga raised 2 million euros
Technical management of real estate objects.
Sector: Real Estate, Construction
Investors: Axeleo Capital, business angels

Nutropy raised 2 million euros
Proteins obtained by fermentation.
Sector: Catering and agri-food
Investors: Beast Ventures, Big Idea Ventures, Veg Capital, Trellis Road, Techmind VC, FoodHack.

Bernie raised 2 million euros
Return packaging.
Sector: Social and solidarity economy, Sustainable development
Investors: Epopée Gestion, Pays de la Loire, business angels.

The second recall raised €2 million.
Performance and management of incoming calls.
Sector: Telecommunications
Investors: Evolem, Newfund, Kima Ventures

Cozy Air raised 1.5 million euros
Indoor air quality improvement service.
Sector: Real Estate, Construction
Investors: Point Nine, Kima Ventures, Seedcamp, Acadian Venture.

LocallyTeams raised €1M
B2B platform to connect companies and technicians.
Sector: Enterprise applications and technologies
Investors: Odyssey, Bpifrance, CIC, BPCE

MyJugaad raised 880,000 euros
Housing mobility of vulnerable groups.
Sector: Social services
Investors: Generali Impact Investment, France Active, Club Invest IDF

SmartVideo raised €600,000
Video project management.
Sector: Enterprise applications and technologies
Investors: business angels

WeCasa raised 150,000 euros
Booking platform for home services.
Sector: Social services
Investors: business angels

This statement only applies to venture capital and does not include grants or loans in amounts raised by startups.

Julien Bergounhoux @JBergounhoux

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