Diablo Immortals: the release is (really) not planned for this year

Game news Diablo Immortals: the release is (really) not planned for this year

Diablo Immortals is not for now. In an article published by the developers, they provide details on a possible release period, while indicating what to expect from the game.

It is therefore during the first semester 2022 that we can expect to see Diablo Immortals land. A postponement for Blizzard, who had announced that “the game was on track for release within the year“. An additional time that the developers have agreed to integrate new functions into the game:

Taking into account the feedback provided by the participants of the Closed Alpha, our team decided to incorporate content for the end of the game as well as other essential features. For example, we have made changes to our Circle of Strife PvP content to make it more accessible, as well as some content for max level players such as the Helliquary. In addition, we are working on game compatibility with a controller, to allow those they want to play in a different way. However, these changes and improvements will not be realized in 2021. So the game is now slated for the first half of 2022, which allows us to make several adjustments to the title..

The blog post goes back to these new features in more depth. In essence, we read that 8-player boss fights are added and the probationary rifts allow you to obtain unique improvement materials. On the PVP side, the developers are taking a close interest in the Battlefield, introduced during the closed alpha (arena where four players compete): ranking, balancing, matchmaking (which makes it possible to find players of equivalent level) … Finally, they specify that various adjustments are made to the paragon system, making it possible to recover different rewards at the maximum level reached: players less invested in the title will have bonuses of experience to catch up with others.

Remember that Diablo Immortals is targeting an iOS and Android release. It will therefore be necessary to wait until the first half of 2022 to push back the lands of Ouestmarche.

Source: Blizzard

By Charlanmhg, Writing


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