Dice Legacy: the dice will be rolled in September

Ravenscourt and DESTINYbit are pleased to announce that Dice Legacy will be released on September 9, 2021. This city-building survival game where every action is performed with dice will be available on PC (GOG, Epic Games Store, Steam) and Switch.

On the occasion of this announcement, a new video is unveiled, offering an expanded view of Dice Legacy gameplay and what players can expect when they arrive in this mysterious circular world.

This overview presents the first steps in establishing a thriving camp on the shores of this new world, still unexplored, camouflaged by a fog.

Take care of your people by developing supply chains to move food and drink to support them. Don’t forget to create reserves to get through the freezing winter which will be just one of the dangers you will have to face.

Hostile forces will attack and try to plunder your encampment, so don’t forget to prepare your defenses to repel your attackers.

Dispel the fog and expand your territory in this unique game. Explore ruins and uncover ancient secrets. Forge new, more powerful dice to aid you in your quest to conquer the circular world and write your own destiny.

Dice Legacy is in PAX Online now, through July 18, 2021.

About Dice Legacy

Dice Legacy is a rogue-like combining survival and city building, in which the player uses dice to create a medieval city in a fascinating circular world, with the aim of building their own society.

By rolling a six-sided die, he can perform actions such as planting and collecting crops, establishing supply chains, or even fighting. In Dice Legacy, the dice represents labor. As a ruler, builder, conqueror and trader, the player must fuel and take care of their dice, but also explore, gather resources, build cities and defeat their enemies, as a mysterious threat looms on the horizon. .

Players will soon realize that luck is nothing without good strategy.

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