Digital: the Commission wants to develop artificial intelligence while reassuring citizens

Posted on April 28, 2021 at 3:17 p.m.

On April 21, the Commission presented a regulation aiming to ban certain uses of AI (social rating, etc.) and to regulate its high-risk uses (recruitment, education, transport, etc.). Objective: to reassure citizens of possible abuses while making Europe a leading global player in the regulation, development and use of these key technologies.

The Twenty-Seven want to regulate the uses of AI in order to reassure European citizens. The draft regulation notably provides for the prohibition of “generalized surveillance” systems for the population. Brussels is in fact convinced that artificial intelligence can only develop by allaying the fears of Europeans.

The regulation thus draws up a precise list of sensitive applications which will be subject to compliance tests, failing which heavy penalties could be imposed.

The new legislation will still be debated for months, in particular with the European Parliament and the 27 Member States, before the implementation of a final text.

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