DIRECT. Covid-19: one in two departments below the alert threshold, the first in 2 months

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9:20 am Pleasure craft return to the 49th Grand Pavois in La Rochelle. A record number of some 150 new boats, some of which will be world premieres, will be presented at the 49th Grand Pavois boat show, which takes place from Tuesday to October 3 in La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime). Canceled in 2020 due to the coronavirus, this essential economic meeting for the French nautical sector will host 800 brands and will showcase 700 boats, half of which will be afloat, along three km of pontoons in the port of Minimes. This 49th edition will be sponsored by Yannick Bestaven, winner of the Vendée Globe 2021 and La Rochelle by adoption.

8.45 a. M. Denmark is closing testing and vaccine centers. 85% of those over 12 years of age are now vaccinated. Many vaccination and screening centers are closing with less attendance. The country is also in the process of reducing the size of the tests. “This massive test campaign was part of the strategy to open up the country. But now that so many people are vaccinated, it no longer makes sense, ”explained Trine Baadsgaard, communications manager for the Covid-19 detection centers in Copenhagen.

8:25 am. New restrictive measures in Singapore. Six million Singaporeans are preparing to live with new restrictive measures to cope with a likely increase in Covid-19 contamination, despite an 80% vaccination rate in the country. According to Bloomberg, the goal of the island’s city-state is to limit milder cases, which could otherwise quadruple in two weeks and overwhelm hospitals. Among other provisions that are about to come into force: the establishment of a maximum of two people to meet in restaurants or other meeting places, the strengthening of teleworking or the establishment of distance courses for primary school students.

8 hours. A symbolic landmark passed. Since Saturday night, the incidence rate has been below 50 in more than one in two departments. The first in two months.

7:50 am Incentives for vaccination in the Congo. Congolese authorities have enacted additional measures to strengthen coronavirus vaccination coverage in the country. As of November 1, they will make the vaccination certificate mandatory for access to administrations and certain establishments such as pension funds or banks, or even transport between the main cities of the country.

7:15 am. End of mandatory quarantine for tourists in Ireland. Now, the mandatory two-week quarantine imposed since March on visitors entering the country to combat the spread of the coronavirus has been suspended in Ireland.

7:10. Homeschooling wave in the face of anti-Covid measures in Austria. Thousands of parents have decided to withdraw their child from schools this year due to the health protocol applied in Austria: tests three times a week, including at least one PCR, wearing a mask in the corridors … According to the ministry, this concerns more than 7,500 students. Although this is a small proportion of the 700,000 children attending school in Austria, this figure is three times higher than in 2019/20.

7:05 am. Fuel shortage: London is poised to relax visa rules for foreign drivers. According to media reports, the Boris Johnson government will issue up to 5,000 short-term temporary visas, amid an estimated shortage of 100,000 foreign heavy truck drivers caused jointly by the pandemic and Brexit.

7 hours. Welcome to this direct. It will allow you to follow the events throughout the day on the evolution of the pandemic.

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