DIRECT. Follow the final of the “My thesis in 180 seconds” competition

The competition “My thesis in 180 seconds” (MT180) will soon reveal the winner of the year 2021. The national final of this eighth edition will take place on June 10 and will take place remotely. It will be broadcast live from 6.30 p.m. in the video below.

16 finalists for this eighth edition

During this final organized by the CNRS and the Conference of University Presidents (CPU), the 16 doctoral students still in the race after the semi-final in April will have to comply with the exercise of popularization. They will have three minutes to present their thesis subject so as to make it accessible to the general public. This year, the jury for the national final is made up of journalist Laurence Beauvillard; by YouTuber Manon Bril (“This is an other story“), from Valérie Castellani, CNRS research director at the NeuroMyoGène Institute (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 / Inserm / CNRS); 1st prize from the jury and audience prize for the 2019 competition, Tom Mébarki and Eddy Moniot, actor, winner of the Eloquentia competition in 2015.

The 16 finalists

Peter Stephen ASSAGHLE for “Vulnerability of women and violence in the African Great Lakes region: the case of women from Grand Kivu
Louise FLIEDEL for “Design, characterization of nanovectors and evaluation of their interaction with the placental barrier
Christelle MIGNOT for “Bi / plurilingual education in Mali and Senegal. State of play, perspectives and didactic proposals to optimize bilingual repositories and strengthen the tools of teachers
Max MEUNIER for “Study of a new source of single photons, working up to room temperature, emitting at telecom wavelengths and compatible with the silicon photonics industry
Huu Trong NGUYEN for “Biological control of crown gall in vines
Alexandra PLONKA for “Modeling of a graphic and gestural analysis system for the early diagnosis of Primary Progressive Aphasias
Paul DEQUIDT for “Analysis of multimodal NMR data by artificial intelligence for binary discrimination of glioma grade
Malory BEAUJOLAIS for “Design of a bio-electrochemical device for the decontamination of a contaminated environment in Martinique
Eric SERGEANT for “Cemeteries and graves in France, 1848-1914. Funerary art through the examples of Paris, Lyon and Dijon
Gaël MAHFOUDI for “Automate image tampering detection
James LARROUY for “Advanced tools in multivocation analysis and their applications
Diane POTART for “Production, sterilization and implantation of tissue-engineered human blood vessels obtained by weaving extracellular matrix threads
Elyne DUGÉNY for “Influence of surrounding species on the risk of cupped oyster disease in oyster farming environments
Mathilde GUERIN for “Synthesis of hybrid particles of hydroxyapatite functionalized by peptides for the treatment of complex wounds with high infectious risks
Simon GUIHÉNEUF for “Formulation and reinforcement of earth material blocks for structural use
Bastien ROMERO for “Variation of fire-related traits and flammability in two species of obligate germinating pine as a function of different fire frequencies in the French Mediterranean region

An international final on September 30

More than six hundred doctoral students from all over France took part in the eighth edition of the MT180 competition, which allows them to present their research subject, in simple terms and in three minutes flat.“, specifies the CNRS in a press release. The first prize of the jury, selected among the last 16 participants, will be able to advance to the international final which will be held in Paris on September 30, 2021. And the spectators, registered, will also be able to vote for their favorite in order to deliver him the “Internet user prize.” The year 2020 had been deprived of a national and international final because of the health crisis.

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