DIRT 5’s DualSense haptic feedback update is now live on PS5, and it’s a big improvement

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In case you missed it, DIRT 5 just received a beefy update today, bringing free content for Playgrounds mode, new trophies to earn, and new courses. For those with the cash to spare, there’s also a premium DLC called Super Size Pack, which adds a whole bunch of new career events and vehicles. However, the highlight of this update for PlayStation 5 users is undoubtedly the revised implementation of the unique features of the DualSense controller – haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

We installed the new game update and tested it on different types of terrain. Prior to this last patch, the triggers had decent resistance depending on what was going on in your vehicle, but haptic feedback was seriously lacking. Regardless of the weather, the surface of the course, what the car was doing, you still got the same loud rumble. It was almost as if Codemasters just didn’t bother and used a similar rumble solution on PS5 to that of the PS4 version of DIRT 5.

However, with the new update installed, the haptics are significantly better. You will notice a different “feel” on, say, a dirt track compared to ice; the developer has put much more effort into replicating the surface under your wheels. You also feel bumps and collisions in the appropriate places on the pad, and even the thud of a gear shift can be felt through the more nuanced feedback. It’s much better than before. For comparison, we would say that WRC 9’s solution is still more subtle and overall better than that of DIRT 5, but Codemasters has narrowed the gap significantly.

Adaptive triggers seem more or less the same as before, but they were still pretty decent before. Elsewhere, Codies says the 3D audio has also received a bit of TLC, and hearing the engines roar around you when you’re in the middle of the pack is a big effect.

Either way, the update is out now on PS5, and it’s worth releasing it to check for the improvements. Have you tested DIRT 5’s new haptic feedback on PS5? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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