Discord could be sold for over US $ 10 billion

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The discord discussion platform, very popular with video game enthusiasts, could be bought for more than $ 10 billion, and according to the American press, Microsoft would be the most advanced potential buyer in the negotiations.

Several media reported on Tuesday of ongoing discussions with the computer giant, citing anonymous sources, after an article from the specialist site VentureBeat revealing on Monday the possibility of such a transaction.

Discord told AFP that it did not wish to comment on “rumors or speculations”.

Launched in 2015, the site was created primarily for video game enthusiasts who wanted to chat (orally and in writing) during their games.

Attendance exploded during the pandemic, thanks to the increased need for communication, visual and audio tools. Groups of friends connect to it to watch a movie “together” or to work, for example.

Users pay a subscription to use the network, which is ad-free and features automatic transcription software.

At the end of 2020, the San Francisco-based company announced that it had raised $ 100 million. But his reputation has been tarnished a bit by the arrival of extremist supporters of Donald Trump, banned en masse from dominant platforms.

Discord is already used by many video game enthusiasts for Xbox, Microsoft’s brand that spans consoles to mobile games and streaming services.

The IT group, which bought the professional network LinkedIn in 2016, recently expressed interest in mainstream social networks, such as TikTok.

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