Discord voice chat coming to Xbox consoles

Last year, Discord started working on new integration tools to bring voice chat and server access to consoles. Discord initially partnered with Sony to test console integration, but now Discord Chat is heading to the Xbox console as well.

As of last night, Xbox Insider testers have an alpha ring update with Discord for Xbox integration. You will be able to link your Discord account and access voice channels and group calls directly from your Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One console. It will be a good replacement for the built-in Xbox chat, as Discord is more convenient for cross-platform play.

When playing a game on Xbox, you’ll be able to see who’s on the phone and who’s talking on the toolbar, and you can adjust your audio settings to find the right balance between chat and game audio.

There is no date when this will be officially released to all users. Discord on Xbox is currently in alpha testing, so we expect a full rollout in the next few months.

Rafael’s opinion (or question) on this: Usually, when I play on my Xbox, I am isolated from all my PC gamer friends. The Discord integration solves this problem nicely and also makes more sense as a voice chat choice now that most major multiplayer games offer crossplay between consoles and PC.

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