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Do you feel the heat? Check out the EvaChill EV500, Evapolar’s latest model. This ultralightweight and energy efficient personal air conditioner is made with the patented EvaBreeze® material, which improves efficiency while remaining completely ecofriendly and biosafe. EvaChill is easy to use. Just fill the water tank, plug it in and the cartridge will absorb a lot of water. The water is evenly distributed over the cooling pads and the air is forced through them, evaporating the water to lower the temperature of the air around you. Heat does not dry out at all. The natural evaporative cooling effect can lower the air temperature in just 10 minutes, ensuring you can always stay cool.

Red Dot Design Award Winner 2019

  • Cools an area in front of the unit (45 sq. ft.), roughly the size of a table, sofa, or bed.
  • Ultraportable and sealed with builtin handle
  • Reaches full cooling capacity within 510 minutes
  • Soft blue LEDs enhance your mood
  • Configurable with just one button
  • Humidifies the air, creating a comfortable environment
  • Filters out dust particles, improving air quality for better breathing and preventing bacterial growth.

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