Discover Psychonauts in enhanced version on XSX up to 4K Playscope

While we are still waiting Psychonauts 2 who is late because of the team’s desire to polish their baby and then because of the pandemic which has delayed them, Microsoft makes the original but improved title available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

So, yours truly offers you a video below showing the first big half hour of the game released at the time on the Xbox first name and captured on the Xbox Series X in 4K with Auto HDR. Obviously, if the resolution is greatly improved, this is not the case for textures which are the original ones but with a smoother rendering. The gameplay and framerate doesn’t seem to have changed much as well.

In short, this is the opportunity if you have one of the Xboxes to (re) discover this crazy action / platform while waiting to be able, hopefully soon, to discover what Double Fine Productions plans for the future. No doubt we’ll see it at the next Microsoft E3 conference in a few weeks.

Note that this video was uploaded on our PlayscopeTimeline channel which, I remind you, brings together a number of videos concerning games dating from the PS2 / Xbox / GC generation and later. And we will continue to add oldies content as regularly as possible. It’s not the old machines and the old games that are missing here 😉 So remember to subscribe and like the videos if you like them.

Good viewing !

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