Discover space for less: Celestron 114AZ-SR telescope now at half price

Get the perfect beginner telescope at half price with this Black Friday telescope deal at Kohl’s (will open in a new tab).

The Celestron 114AZ-SR telescope is now on sale at nearly 50% off (okay, 49.09% to be exact), giving astronomy enthusiasts a brilliant £108 on this reasonably priced budget telescope.

This large 114mm Newtonian reflecting telescope is beginner-friendly and comes with a set of accessories so you can set up and start stargazing right away.

A full-length aluminum tripod keeps the telescope stable, yet remains lightweight for easy transport, and comes with an extra storage tray for all your other useful items. The aforementioned goodies include two 26mm and 9.7mm Plössl eyepieces with 1.25-inch night sky specific object mounts, a StarPointer red dot finder that supports coarse positioning, and a smartphone adapter.

It’s a handheld telescope, not a computerized one, so you might be wondering why the Celestron 114AZ-SR has a built-in smartphone adapter. (will open in a new tab)? So of course you can take your own astrophotos. Attach it to the adapter and your smartphone turns the 114AZ-SR telescope into an astrocamera ready to capture the skies.

With this smartphone, you also get free access to the SkyPortal mobile app and Starry Night software, which provides information on over 36,000 celestial objects in the night sky. So whether you’re brushing up on old knowledge, wanting to learn something new by observing the stars, or just starting out for the first time, this telescope and kit should be able to open up a new part of the cosmos for you.

It only takes a few minutes to set up this telescope, and at just under 9 pounds, it won’t ache in your hand when you take it to the nearest dark sky spot.

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