Discover the ISS, SpaceX spacecraft and meteorite together in an incredible video –

The Axiom-1 mission, the first fully private crew to visit the International Space Station (ISS), returned to Earth aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon on April 26. During the return trip, a camera designed to track meteorites simultaneously filmed the spacecraft, the ISS, and the fireball.

ESA’s Twitter account shared the video with the comment: “Incredible sight: A meteor burns up in Earth’s atmosphere and passes four astronauts in a SpaceX Crew Dragon cocoon as it leaves the International Space Station on April 26.

In the video, the meteorite leaves a fiery trail. The ISS is the brightest moving dot above and to the right of the meteorite. Crew Dragon is the faintest bright spot above the light trail.

The camera filming the event is part of the AllSky7 project, which tracks and documents meteorites with a system of cameras pointing skyward. Note that neither the Crew Dragon spacecraft nor the ISS was threatened by a meteorite, which, according to Es, flew hundreds of kilometers. article adapted by CNETFrance

Image: NASA

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