Discovery of Bistronomic and Gourmet Dark Cuisine in Marseille –

Thibaut Barbafieri launches MONCHEF, a high-end dark kitchen located in Marseille’s 8th arrondissement. For this challenge, he teamed up with Laurent Burchi, his childhood friend.

MONCHEF presents exceptional products for the big kitchen.The goal is to create a creative kitchen that is affordable for any budget.It can be pickup or delivery.

The MONCHEF dark kitchen concept is the first in Marseille!

The two keywords for this concept are generosity and sharing.

Competition :
  • offer gourmet cuisine with quality dishes created by this great creative and involved chef
  • to do quality, from local products to cooking and their original, practical and very attractive packaging
  • reasonable prices, allowing Marseilles to have fun, taste good dishes, artfully designed menu. Recipes available in three ranges
  • home delivery via Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats in recycled and recyclable kraft packaging – the ability to pick up your order directly in the dark kitchen at 191 avenue de Mazargues
  • sharing cuisine with their team of passionate, local, dedicated, sustainable and generous Marseillais.

    MONCHEF Thibaut Barbafieri Laurent Bourchi

Featured Products, MONCHEF: Ready-to-Eat Culinary Art

The products produced by Thibaut Barbafieri are influenced by his Italian and Marseille origins, as well as his taste for Caribbean flavors.

Thibault came up with a quality menu for MONCHEF with sweet Mediterranean flavors. So, it will consist of local products, highlighting his talent with a strong environmental awareness.

In a constant search for new products, technologies and flavors around the world and in Marseille, Thibault has turned to his roots to offer a ready-to-eat culinary art.

The goal is to prepare real cuisine with the best ingredients. Everything is homemade from A to Z, using really good products from local producers.
Some examples of dishes on offer: lobster with truffles, lobster with leek and smoked celery cream, scallop carpaccio with celery and truffle cream, ceviche de basse a la Calabrese, handmade pasta, buratta with truffle heart, velouté celery with coconut milk, potato dumplings with gorgonzola and hazelnuts…
For wine, they chose a win-win: Bagnol de Cassis.

Physical location

The Dark Kitchen is located in Saint-Ginier, on the site of a former butcher’s shop.
He knows the area and the place well, because his grandmother lived nearby and came there on Sundays to buy herself fried chicken.


In the case of my chef, the restaurant is not virtual. It exists, but customers cannot eat there.
Wikipedia: “The term ‘dark kitchen’ is an English term used in French to refer to ‘virtual restaurants’ or ‘ghost kitchens’ only available online through internet food delivery platforms.”

Thibaut Barbafieri: a journey of passion

Thibaut Barbafieri trained at the star tables. He worked with the Rimbaud brothers at Mandelieu-la-Napoule or at La Villa Madie in Cassis.
He was a Top Chef candidate in 2018 and a home chef in Guadeloupe.

A world-traveling chef has decided to deliver his recipes with this new challenge.

Crew: Bruno, Christopher Senatempo, …

The bistronomic kitchen laboratory consists of a talented team from Marseille:

  • Damien Brunot, Chef trained in starred restaurants: The Château de Chapeau Cornu (1 Michelin star), L’Auberge des Glazicks (2 Michelin stars), Môle Passedat, Péron
  • Christopher Senatempo was second in the kitchen for 19 years. He also trained in star restaurants: Signature with Colleen Folquier, the first star chef in Marseille (1 Michelin star).

Invitation from FranceNetInfos

On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, FranceNetInfos was invited to the cooking show for the launch of MONCHEF Dark Kitchen, the first bistronomic cuisine lab.

We were seduced by passion, quality, enthusiasm. This concept brings new tastes that the people of Marseille can enjoy. You can only admire.

Congratulations, Mr. Thibault Barbafieri!

Packaging MONCHEF

MONCHEF Sheets for dishes

MONCHEF Thibaut Barbafieri


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