Disney +: 3 excellent films and series to discover with pleasure this weekend –

Do you think you’ve seen or re-examined all the movies and series worth seeing on Disney +? Nothing less sure. The nuggets are legion in the catalog of the SVoD platform.

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In fact, we have selected three for you to watch this weekend, alone, with friends or with family. Baymax and the New Heroes, Wolverine battle of the immortal, and Jack, three contents which should prove to meet your expectations.

What quality movies and series to watch on Disney + this weekend?

A sympathetic film: Jack  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 6/ 10

In summary

Jack suffers from Werner Syndrome, a disease that accelerates the aging of his body. He is 10 years old … but the physical appearance of a forty-something! So obviously, it is difficult for him to lead a normal life …

CNET editorial review

And this movie is directed by … Francis Ford Coppola. Yes yes, the man with the four Oscars and the two Palmes d’Or made a family film for Disney. In 1979, despite the success ofApocalypse Now, Coppola is sold out, as the production of his absolute masterpiece has also been a paragon of chaos.

The triumph of the film allows the director to save himself from the financial abyss. But in 1982, Coppola realized Heart stroke, a real business disaster. Ruined and completed by another failure two years later (Cotton Club), Coppola must resolve to make so-called “commissioned” films in order to pay off his debts.

Among the most famous, there are Captain eo (1986), with Michael Jackson and intended for Disney theme parks; Dracula (1992), which remains cult and where its paw is more pronounced; The Godfather 3, considered the worst of the saga (1990); and then Jack (1996).

For this film, he can count on another genius who was sometimes lost in more or less qualitative productions: Robin Williams. The late actor is perfect in this role which appeals to the child in him, a performance that he has already been able to show in Hook (1991). His performance is as striking as it is touching. It must be said that the actor is used to the roles of this register, he who played a practitioner in Awakening (1990) and will play a psychiatrist in Will hunting (1997).

The meeting between a director and an actor in search of recognition, committed to a complex subject, makes Jack a good family movie. Coppola will also declare that he “should be ashamed of this movie“, but that this was not the case, since he found Jack nice and fun“despite mixed reviews.

  • Here is an excerpt from this nice movie:

A good superhero movie: Wolverine: Fight of the Immortal  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 7/ 10

In summary

The plot takes place a few years later X-Men: The Final Showdown, last installment of Bryan Singer’s trilogy. Wolverine, who is struggling to mourn Jean Gray, lives in retirement.

He is finally solicited by a Japanese mutant, Yukio, to travel to the land of the Rising Sun, to the bedside of one of his dying war comrades, Yashida. Except that, trapped, he quickly realizes that he is not just coming for a funeral …

CNET editorial review

Wolverine cultivates the rather extraordinary paradox of being the most popular mutant of the X-Men (notably thanks to the manned performance of Hugh Jackman), but also of being the one whose films are most maligned. If he was only part of the cast in Bryan Singer’s X-Men trilogy (2000-2003-2006), he was entitled to his trio of feature films thereafter.

This is where the trouble begins: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) was a failure in large widths, to the point that this film is totally zapped in The fight of the immortal (2013). The director, James Mangold, becomes attached, with this film then with Logan (2017), to offer a twilight outing to both actor and character, eager to move on.

The feature film is therefore located just after the end of the trilogy, when Wolverine is marked by the tragic fate of Jean Gray, his eternal love cursed. James Mangold therefore takes a trauma as a starting point, in order to bring out the rage that boils in his character, this rage that characterizes him as much as it consumes him.

In short, the film is one with his character: he portrays an inner violence that emerges outside, and uses his Japanese environment to stylize it. He even respects it: violence is not a pretext, she is Wolverine himself.

As Logan several years later, Wolverine battle of the immortal is sometimes difficult to watch as the scenes are so hard. But it is because it knows how to brilliantly characterize its main protagonist that the film stands out in the superheroic world. Hugh Jackman has never shone as brightly as here. And just for that, the feature film is worth the detour.

  • Watch his trailer below:

A very nice series: Baymax and the New Heroes  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 7.1/ 10

In summary

In the continuity of the film The New Heroes, the series follows the adventures of the gang of five humans and their robot-assistant Baymax, facing those who want to endanger the lives of the inhabitants of San Fransokyo.

Editorial opinion

Of course, it will be necessary to have seen The New Heroes, before diving into this series, otherwise you won’t really appreciate it fully. This gives you one more reason to discover or rediscover this superb film, which combines all the qualities of a Marvel (the show) and Disney (the characterization of the characters and the touching side).

The series extends the film’s successes in terms of writing and characters, while continuing to portray this happy band of friends, with personalities so different but all very endearing.

Baymax, which has the honors of the title of the series (and very often of the marketing) is obviously the spearhead: he plays his role of deus ex machina robotics, and continues, as in the film, to accompany the exit from childhood of Hiro, who for his part must also manage his studies. In short, film like series, The New Heroes are a safe bet on Disney +.

  • Here is the trailer for the series:

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