Disney Dreamlight Valley – Does the magic still work?

Be careful, this game will make you sing/hum/howl famous songs and wear funny ears!

With Riggs, we are close to Disneyland Paris, so we know Disney well, its magic, and we always hope to meet Goofy to fool around with! Disney Dreamlight Valley may offer us such nonsense, but the Gameloft game wants to do a little more: a kind of Animal Crossing in Disney with your avatar that does not have a suppository head! And the icing on the cake: it’s an Xbox Game Pass Day 1 game!

And cleaning is also done by itself!

Everything starts well, because everything is fine in the valley, where Disney and Pixar characters live a good life! And then poof! Great oversight and everything must be rebuilt! Could you ask your avatar, not Donald, if you want to avoid an accident? This is sort of the idea of ​​the game, and every moment of the story is a great opportunity to learn the basics of the game in a fun way. Just with the main characters, we will learn how to fish, harvest and cook a little. Then we will expand our circle of friends, and with Remy, for example, I was able to become a chef.

I love wearing Scrooge t-shirts!

You have to travel to different kingdoms, help restore them and make friends with Disney characters. By the way, the game will have a little customization with jewelry and clothes! All that’s missing is food for the show’s winning trio M6! As I write this quiz, “only” 17 Disney characters could be our friends, but all indications are that this number will increase. I already have a friend Scrooge, so I have the best one!

If with my help, he won’t catch!

I was afraid of the pay to win mechanics in these kinds of games with clothes you absolutely want, inventory a bit small at the start, or energy management. But you don’t really need to rake to have fun even during long gaming sessions. In case your character is “tired”, just eat a little and it’s not something that is missing. Or go to his house, and this is the perfect occasion to decorate.

And then I’ll put up a tent with hot dogs!

And this is one of the strengths of Disney Dreamlight Valley, because all the actions in the game are very easy to perform. The clutch is quick and the decoration is done without fuss. We change what we want in two clicks: laying parquet, changing wallpaper or moving a piece of furniture has never been so easy. I would like this to be true. The same goes for clothing, and even the personalization of clothing is top notch. I, who loves to personalize my avatar, don’t feel sorry for me.

Lighting is worth the blind!

Moreover, Disney Dreamlight Valley is very pleasing to the eye. All round, cartoony line at will and full of color, Disney Dreamlight Valley does the right thing and pushes vice to send us Disney themes in the background. You too will be singing Mickey Mouse in your living room!

Yes, she can be your friend!

So it’s still a game about harvesting, decorating, crafting, but with its graphics and Disney touch, I have to admit it’s my little guilty pleasure at the moment. Between two tests, I seem to return to help Dingo and company. Plus, it’s relaxing after a big day or a quick FPS! Disney Dreamlight Valley is a magical little touch of the moment, and because the magic is there until the very end, the game is included in Xbox Game Pass!

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