Disney wants to release a new Star Wars game every six months

The crazy rumor further fuels the ire of fans of the mythical sci-fi saga for overusing its potential.

Disney didn’t hesitate to write a check to acquire the rights to the Star Wars license in 2012, worth over $4 billion, and that certainly kept the franchise from sleeping in a drawer. To the great desperation of cinephiles, fans of the original films, the big-eared firm is multiplying spin-offs in the form of series for its own channel, derivative products, and also keeps video games, oh, how profitable and a floating medium. And if for the general public the feeling of an overdose may seem close, it certainly is not the opinion of the entertainment industry giant.

Worst counterattack?

According to American journalist Tom Henderson, the big-eared empire does plan to release at least one game every six months that uses the Star Wars universe. A pace that seems unbelievable given the number of games already under construction, eight. Highly anticipated include Respawn Entertainment’s stunning remake of Knights Of The Old Republic, Very Late, Jedi Survivor and FPS, and Quantic’s Amy Hennig-signed game and Quantic’s Star Wars: Eclipse. Dream (Detroit: Become Human) is currently in development. None of them will be released before 2023 or even much later.

Star Wars: Eclipse, developed by French studio Quantic Dream, may not release until 2027 © Quantic Dream

Rhythm to kill a droid

But the time it takes to create a AAA game, a blockbuster on the level of the biggest games on the market, is extremely long. It takes up to four years to develop an original title. Therefore, we believe that Disney should more seriously consider investing in games with a shorter development cycle, such as mobile games (puzzles, mini-RPGs or gacha), or at a scale close to games from independent developers. Again, in the search for profitability, adaptations of series already based on original material, such as The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or the last Andor, could be used.

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